Gaoooo---- I'll eat you

■■At first:About opening HP June 1st,2000 up

Nice to meet you all. a brief self-introduction of me.

  • name:UGUISU
  • male
  • Born in 1971
  • Profession:Dental technician since April,2000
  • March,2000:NIHON University graduate

Before becoming a dental technician, I worked at a factory with three night shifts.

The reason I decided to become a dental technician was because when I was injured during work and was hospitalized for two weeks, I saw the medical field and wanted to do some medical-related work.

I quit high school in two months, so I was a junior high school graduate, so I wasn't eligible to take the vocational school, so I entered the dental technician vocational school at the age of 26 after I got the university entrance qualification.

By the time I went to school and thought about getting a job, I was worried when I heard that the turnover rate of dental technicians was very high and the working conditions were bad.I thought it would be possible if I started working, but it was really hard.

I think it takes effort to acquire skills in any profession, but dental technicians are like day laborers with low salaries and no guarantees even though they are national qualifications.

No social insurance, no paid leave, no employment insurance, no bonus, low wage (monthly wage $ 800)

It ’s more like a craftsman than a medical worker.

What I want to convey here

It's not good, but I will post what I made and examples of failures, so please refer to it.

I make an HP because I want to get along with people who are having trouble or struggling at work like myself.

By the way, it's been 4 years since I became a technician.

I will do my best from now on. When you see it.

This message was written when I was 32 years old. Now 50 years old

When I was working at a factory, my work was boring every day, so I bought this book on impulse because I wanted to escape from reality.

The title of the book is "Working abroad"

There was a dental technician there

When I was vaguely thinking that there was such a job

Under the direction of a dentist, he is a dental craftsman who is involved in creating, repairing, and processing dentures and dentures that were cavities. And in this book written

UGUISU Dental technician's history

  • ~March,1997:I used to make diapers at the factory
  • April,1997:Entered night technical college at the age of 27
  • March,2000:Graduated from a technical college at the age of 30
  • April,2000:Get a job in a fully commissioned lab:Starting salary 800
  • July,2001:My colleague has decided to open a business, so I also work there
  • November,2001:I got sick with a former colleague and left the company to return to my first workplace
  • May,2002:The website here was introduced in "Monthly Dental Technician" and became known to the company.
  • June,2002:Write a bad word about the company on this website and get fired
  • July,2002:I rented the machine room of Dr's clinic that I met on this website and worked as a technician
  • June,2003:It became difficult to stay in the clinic, so I rented an apartment and opened it independently.
  • 2003~2013:Make a living by working only with insurance
  • July,2013:Moved to the customer's dental clinic
  • 2016:Hire an employee for the first time